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Beethoven at Home - Registration form for new teachers

We welcome you to submit a teaching profile to Beethoven at Home. We depend on our teachers being qualified and focused on providing excellent teaching.

Let’s get going and create your profile. This is the first page that will confirm your identity and create a record for your page. At the end of this page you will be sent an email that asks you to confirm your email address. Once your email address is confirmed you will be able to login and complete your teacher profile.

First Name
Last Name
Metropolitan area
Phone 1
Phone 2

Email and Password

Please provide your email address and a password you will use to login to your Beethoven at home profile. Note: your password must contain only numbers and letters and must be between 6 and 16 characters long.


Confirm password

Working Status And Criminal Check

To work within Beethoven at Home you need to be able to legally work in Canada. Click here for information regarding work eligibility for international students and click here for more general information about working in Canada.

Can you legally work in Canada?
Do you have a criminal record?
Have you had a criminal record for which a pardon / record
suspension has been granted?

Educational requirements

All teachers must meet or exceed one the following requirements:
- Completed a university degree in music (B.Mus or B. Ed with music specialization)
- Completed a conservatory diploma (eg. RCM ARCT, Licentiate in music etc.)
- Presently enrolled in a B.Mus program in the third year or higher with a keen interest in teaching and demonstrated experience.

Do you meet or exceed the educational requirements?